Saturday, October 11, 2008

Standalone Suitcases

One of the things I hate about flying is at the end, when you are so tired breathing is hard work, you have to stand around this big machine and watch for your luggage. Now your brain isn't working and you have to find the suitcases that belong to you out of a sea of suitcases that look just like it. And there are a thousand other people doing the same thing. I wanted to make mine unique, so I got some paint pens from the local craft store. I got the front of them done and my father pointed out that this would end up working the same way as buttered bread. It will land with the buttered (painted) side down. So I put something on the backs of both of them. BTW Dad, they both landed with the front side up!


braunsky said...

of course - you buttered both sides!

Lisa Braun said...

Yes, Murphy's Law in full swing!